What if we told you there was a $7.3 trillion + market that’s been overlooked by most brands, hiding in plain sight yet growing rapidly every year–just waiting to be tapped. And what if that audience had the potential to drive exponential revenue growth and create passionate advocates for your brand? At 9thWonder, we call them Consumer X.

The United States is in the midst of a demographic revolution. By 2045, the minority audiences of today will be the majority audiences of tomorrow. To appeal to these growing and influential audiences, brands need to engage in culturally and linguistically relevant ways. They need to speak to consumer truths, not just rely on tired stereotypes. If you’re looking to tap into the next generation of influencers and advocates, we can help.

Latin X

The Latin X cohort is the fastest growing and most influential consumer group in the U.S. Whether it’s their exponential population growth, expanding purchasing power, or impressive digital consumption rates, today’s marketers can’t afford to ignore the Latin X market any longer.