It's our bread and butter

You need a full toolkit of media services and an approach that aligns business goals with media strategy and a focus on ROI. Lucky for you, that’s exactly what we do.Today’s media landscape provides brands more opportunities than ever to connect with consumers. Great, right? Well, sorta. In reality, it’s both a blessing and a curse. The 9thWonder media team understands this complex environment and the need to align strategy and activation efforts to drive efficient and effective revenue growth.


Developing great media strategy is rather straightforward, but it requires a robust understanding of the context in which a brand is operating and what it needs to accomplish to be successful. So we start with the context. This means a deep dive into target audience analysis, uncovering hidden geographic opportunities, looking at what media channels can achieve from multiple perspectives, competitive activity and other analyses that help us define the challenge and see the opportunity.

While this is a nice start, it is not enough to develop great strategy. At 9thWonder, we view media (and marketing) through an investment lens. This means we need to quantify how the media investment is driving revenue growth for our clients. To do this we employ econometric modeling techniques that help us tease out media’s ROI and informs our actions for continuous improvement.